Placenta Encapsulation

Free placenta tincture with purchase of placenta encapsulation! 

The latest trend in postpartum self-care, placentophagia (or consumption of one’s placenta) has grabbed the attention of Chicago mothers-to-be. Although the scientific community has not studied this practice in depth, mothers all over the city relay stories of increased energy, and breastmilk production, and feelings of general well-being as a result of having their placentas converted into a pill form.

MCC’s postpartum placenta specialist will process your placenta in the comfort of your own home, while also providing postpartum support. We have packages available that incorporate placenta encapsulation services with lactation consultations and postpartum doula services.


Placenta Encapsulation FAQs:

Why is this performed in my home?

Placenta encapsulation is performed in your home for your safety. When you have a trusted person take your placenta from the hospital to your home, you can be sure it is yours. And when your postpartum placenta specialist encapsulates in your home, you can watch the entire process if you wish.

What is the process?

Placenta encapsulation is a two-day process. The first day, your specialist prepares the placenta for dehydration and maintains protection from blood borne pathogens, by steaming with lemon and ginger, using Traditional Chinese Methods. The placenta is then dehydrated overnight (12-16 hours) on a setting for meat, to ensure futher cooking and bacteria removal. On the second day, the dried placenta is pulverized and put into pill form. Tinctures, dried placenta in whole grain alcohol, are also available and can be used once your pills have been consumed.

Is it safe?

We do not use raw placenta in any products, in order to ensure everyone's safety. Placenta pills are not regulated by the FDA; however, your postpartum placenta specialist will help you to keep a log to ensure the guidelines for ingestion are working for you, and your body. Discuss your wish to encapsulate with your doctor and ask your friends. If they are of childbearing age, most likely they or someone they know has encapsulated their placenta.    

$325 (tincture included)

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