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I Need Help Breastfeeding!


I Need Help Breastfeeding! Now what?

Call a lactation consultant. Lactation consultants can help you in the early days with latch and positions, help you trouble shoot issues like plugged ducts and mastitis, and help you with supply issues. We can also help you with weaning your infant when the time comes.

Thoughts On Motherhood..


M  My mother is my motherhood template

O  Otherwise, there would be a piece of me missing

T  Time flies, did I capture every milestone?

H  He will treat his wife or girlfriend with respect

E  Even I can surprise myself sometimes

R  Revealing myself through motherhood is fun

H  Help is everywhere in friends, family, and neighbors

Becoming The Caregiver I am Part 5




What a surprise it was to find out that I had basically been doing the work of a Postpartum Doula. I was supporting the women, helping them with nutrition and time management, and monitoring them for Post Partum Depression. 


Becoming The Caregiver I Am, Part 4


I went from no breastfeeding at the center (mom may have with her early children) to a 69% initiation rate in those three years. I would run around this large building that houses 400 clients on any given day with Boppys, a scale, and lots of sheets to record weight checks, breastfeeding times and diapers changes.


Becoming The Caregiver I Am, Part 2



So you say, why would I even want to be a nurse at a substance abuse facility and work with “those women”? 


Becoming The Care Giver I Am, Part 1





A home visit from a caring professional can make your transition with your newborn easier to navigate. But, picking the right professional can feel like another stressor when you already have so many things on your plate.  Trust Maternal Child Connections as your compassionate caregiver during the initial postpartum period. Here is some of my story: