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Facing Fear
5 Things Your Best Friend Would Tell You About Breastfeeding



Best friends are masters at one thing: telling it like it is. If you are lucky enough to have someone like this in your life then they can be your biggest supporter and critic at the same time.

It Is Go Time Ladies!


I always say, it is all by design. The first 8 months you are terrified of how your baby will come out, that last month you just want it out. You are not alone, there are many other women who feel this way.


Sharing your body is tough. It is a twenty-four hour job, especially at the end of a long day. He is doing back flips; you are just trying to get comfortable.


My Husband- My Postpartum Doula


He is a planner

A sick bank he stashed away

For his newborn sometime, someday


He was prepared to let me rest

For he was a father now

He wanted to participate

He wanted to show how


He changed diapers, burped and bathed

He followed his instincts

And a bond with his son he made


He took charge of the house

Cooked and cleaned

Hey Mom and Dad, Look What I Can Do! Year 1


The first year of your baby’s life is happy for everyone around you. Every time your child reaches a developmental milestone, you feel that you have accomplished something too! And then your baby will look at you feeling so proud and smile, and your heart will melt.


Put A Hat On That Baby!!!


This was my foray into parenting; random people screaming unsolicited parenting advice at me.


This may have been a man who had children, or who was even a grandfather.  But my take on it was that he didn’t even have children but he felt he could scream at a woman, home less than 24 hours with her newborn.


Confronting My Birth Trauma


The first big one came on a Friday afternoon at 4pm as I was leaving my pregnancy buddy's home; she was due in two weeks. I finally held my son 52 hours later.


Now, I had been having contractions for months: Braxton hicks, real ones, back contractions, etc. But this one, this was something else entirely. I remember texting my friend that I probably should not have drove home, because I couldn’t remember it.


Remembering The Home Safety Checklist


This morning my three-year-old decided to take his friend Jaffy out for a walk. He put on his shoes, forgot his pants, dismantled the safety lock on the doorknob, and walked out side.


Luckily, our neighbor was out having a cigarette and saw him come out and no one follow. My son proceeded to have a conversation with my neighbor and then decided to start walking down the sidewalk.


Why Was My Lactation Consultant So Rough?
I love being a Lactation Consultant in Chicago! I love that everywhere I look I see more and more women, regardless of race, sexual orientation, and income bracket, decide that they alone can feed their babies.
I Can Do It By Myself!


If my three-year-old son had a business card, it would read:


My Name Is Dylan- I Can Do It Myself!


And for most things he can, mostly.


But there are still times we need to push him into doing things independently.