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When Your Record Won't Stop...


I often get songs stuck in my head. This is a blessing or a curse depending on the song.  But if it is there, I can rely on the lyrics repeating over and over; and over all day long—or until my brain has found another song to play.

Inventing Your Dream Job
What if….
What if you could have your dream job? You could tailor what you do to exactly what you want to do, while learning what you need to support that idea?
I have had my dream job—twice.
Which IBCLC Should Come To Your Home?
A crisis of breastfeeding is a crisis of motherhood. It can undermine your confidence and self worth as your baby’s mother. Unfortunately, the care given by some has created a negative stereotype that many of us are not proud of.
This is what IBCLC means to me!
I            International
B           Board
At forty years of age, I have had the privilege of seeing several social revolutions.
I have seen cell phones and then smart phones revolutionize communication. Once upon a time I went to a concert or the mall and—I just somehow found my friends! Now, I have to text anyone to find them or use Google Maps to get to new addresses when driving.
Fall Back
I love and loathe Fall.
I love fall because I get to change up my wardrobe. Skirts and tank tops are traded in for jeans, fleece, and scarves. I can wear shoes I have missed and look longingly at boots in the store searching for a practical reason why I MUST have them.
10 Things Your Postpartum Doula Should Never Do
There are many reasons why I love working as a Postpartum Doula in Chicago. I know how important a postpartum doula can be to the family, because I was lucky enough to have had my husband home with me during maternity leave. We were able to bond with our son, I was able to rest and heal, and we were not additionally stressed by looking at chaos that enveloped the house.
Why Should I Care? Part 2
So, there is another choice. End the mommy wars! Look at a woman and carefully say to yourself: I don’t know where she has been or where she is going, but I bet she is a great mom-- even if she isn’t.
Why Should I Care? Part 1
My anger increased with time. Why is a for-profit company asking moms to make videos to perpetuate the mommy wars, while claiming to end them?
Easy Breezy Dinner!


One of the things I love about being a postpartum doula in Chicago is being inspired to help my clients heal. One of the easiest ways to do this is to come up with the easiest recipe ever and help them make it, so they have leftovers for a night or two.