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Parenting On New Soil
If your feet are on different soil, does that change how you parent?
Over the last couple of months, I have met two women from different countries— one from Europe and one from the Far East.
These women were already mothers before they arrived in America, and yet after being here a short time, they began questioning everything they were doing as mothers.
A Partner's Purpose
Sometimes they look sad.
A partner watching mom breastfeeding can feel left out. They know they help with diaper changes, swaddling, feeding mom, and holding their baby—but they can feel they do not add something valuable to the family unit.
But if they are male, they have a special purpose—to help their child be empathetic.
Podcast For Single Mom Nation



I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica Ashley of Single Mom Nation about postpartum doula services. Please click this link to listen, run time is about 23 minutes. 

Enjoy! Lisa

To Routine Or Not Routine
Humans need predictability and a schedule. It helps our brains convert information and our bodies to handle the unexpected. So what happens when you have a newborn? That all goes out the window.
What is most difficult aspect about having a newborn? Sleep deprivation? Breastfeeding? The lack of routine? It depends on the person.
Sophomore Year
I remember the first day of school sophomore year of high school.
This year, we didn’t start a half-day early for orientation. This year, we were older and wiser. I remember seeing faces I had missed over the summer and being surprised by just how grown up some of those faces appeared.
The Hardest Question Ever Asked
I have worked with children since high school and I know they ask hard questions. Friends of mine will ask me for advice of how to explain a difficult concept to their child.
However, last Sunday my son asked me the hardest question ever.
Going With Your Gut
Sometimes you have to just go with your gut.
That is one of the gifts women have. In addition to a stellar multi-tasking, organizational skills, and a keen eye for style; we can get a feeling about a situation and know how to handle it instantly—as long as we turn off our brains.
Binge Watching
In a recent blog post I mentioned that as your postpartum doula I could “Set up your queue for binge watching television shows.”
I have thought about this for the last couple of weeks and realized that I have become a super binge watcher.
Kangaroo Care
I have always thought that marsupials are fascinating animals!  By design, they carry their babies with them everywhere in a warm pouch, and in the pouch are the nipples for the baby to feed.
I had a shocking realization—but not so shocking realization after a discussion with my husband a few weeks ago. Many, many of my good friends from old to new, acquaintances to my bestie, are Capricorns!
Hugs and Kisses
Every time I see an individual hurt other humans, I ask myself what happened in that person’s childhood—and if they were given hugs and kisses. And if that difference in their childhood helps them to handle stress as an adult.
Gifts Moms Love!
Are you looking to spoil a special woman in your life; your wife, partner, sister, daughter, or daughter-in-law?
31 Days Of Postpartum Doula Care
Although most people know what a birth doula is, many have a hard time describing what a postpartum doula can do for a mom. It can be tricky because each doula may do things a little differently.  At the same time, families may have different needs the first couple months after a newborn comes into the home.
Women In Combat Boots
I am usually a day late and a dollar short when it comes to writing about awareness days, weeks, or months, and holidays dedicated to a cause such as Veteran’s Day.
When I was in college, friends used to joke that I had “Deep Thoughts, By Lisa Milano” similar to Jack Handy from Saturday Night Live.
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