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Surviving Colic
For two weeks in March we had 80 degree temperatures and a peaceful newborn.
Then the “imposter baby” arrived.
This is what we called my son when he started to scrunch his face up like he was in pain and proceed to cry all morning, afternoon, and night. This would last for days. Luckily when it began, normal March temperatures returned and we could keep the windows closed.
Help! 5 Reasons To Get Help With Breastfeeding
Did you know that private practice lactation consultants offer emergency lactation services?
What constitutes a lactation emergency? Pain, getting ready to quit, or crying at 3 am.
There is a meme out there somewhere that says, “Life is a collection of moments”, or maybe I just invented that.
But, life is a collection of moments.
Ode To The Stay At Home Mom
The picture above is someone’s home. 
A home that is loved by a family and cared for meticulously by someone who may have a phone that rings off the hook, children underfoot, no time to herself, and too many obligations.
She may be a stay at home mom.
I always said that I didn’t have the chip to be a stay at home mom after the birth of my son.
How Often Should I Feed My Newborn?
As a business owner, it is exciting when you have laid a thick blanket of referral sources, and all that work is starting to pay off. It is so rewarding to do the work I love, helping new families.
However, in my encounters with each family I have seen a common thread—parents don’t know how often their newborns should be fed.
Why Does Where I Was Born Matter So Much?
If I told you that encouraging breastfeeding could assist in equalizing health disparities for children, would you believe me? Did you know that breastfeeding has the potential to counteract the forces that contribute to poor growth and development outcomes that affect children born in poverty?
Ode To The Working Mom
Do we give the working moms in our life the recognition they deserve?
A working mom has a lot of balls in the air such as her career, motherhood, household maintenance, the family schedule, and retaining her identity. In addition, she may be managing nutrition for the family, breastfeeding and pumping, and making sure all the little ones are playing with their friends.
Hey Mom! Don't Forget About You- Part 3
It would have been last week
I would have been a mom again, but I would have had a birth doula this time to reduce my chances of another traumatic delivery. I have a short list of fine women who I would have been honored to have at my side, and meet my newborn before my family.
Is Your Baby On Strike?
It happened to me.
My wonderfully nursing but distractible baby one day decided he didn’t want to nurse anymore—he was 10 months old. We had gotten through the holidays, and there had been a lot of travel and commotion, and not a lot of time alone.
Aces High? Uh, oh...
Sometimes traumatic life events can have a lasting effect on our children, which can last long into adulthood.
Millennial Parents And MommyCon
Last week I had the pleasure of working in the Feeding Room of MommyCon as their resident IBCLC.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as I have never attended a trade show for the birth/baby industry.
How Motherhood Has Changed Me
I seem to go at two speeds: lightening and sleep. I have always been like this—or have I?
On the eve of my son’s 4th birthday I can say very honestly that being a mother has changed me. Of course I have, what woman hasn’t? But, how have I changed?
Why Does It Cost So Much?
I met a colleague for coffee last week and I was discussing with her general operating expenses for my business this year. We compared these to her business expenses, including how much more I need to spend in continuing education because I am an IBCLC and she is not. She asked me why it was so expensive to be a private practice IBCLC—and I realized I did not have a good reason to give her.
I Don't Bring My Scale
As a lactation consultant in Chicago I offer free support groups on the north and south sides. I do this because I believe women should lift one another up and congratulate one another on a job well done as a parent.
But what makes my group different— I don’t bring my scale!
The Day I Really Fell In Love...
On his birth announcement we stated, “We Wished for Dylan Everyday,” -and we meant it.
We wanted a child so badly and after years of trying and countless medical interventions, we finally gave up. We bought a small home near a park in a neighborhood that was never on our list, and we were going to live a simple life.