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How Doulas Help
I recently asked a client to give me some feedback on how I have helped her as her doula. She replied: confidence booster, companionship, teacher.
I wanted to know what words she would use to describe my brand of postpartum help to her friends and family. These are her words, but I will break them down.
Por que mi asesor de lactancia fue tan duro?

Me encanta ser consultora de lactancia materna (LC) en Chicago!  Me encanta que todo lugar que veo, veo más mujeres independientemente de la raza, la orientación sexual o diferente nivel de ingresos que deciden que ella sola pueden proveer la alimentación para su bebe.

Baby Obsessed!
When you hire a postpartum doula, make sure you find someone baby obsessed. Yes, your doula helps the entire family, but you need to make sure they are obsessed with your baby because inevitably that person they will help the most in your family.
Putting Yourself First
“It is like the instructions on an airplane, you need to put on your mask first before you put on your baby’s.”
Trigger Warnings


Last week was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I was attending the ProDoula Conference out of town, rooming with two strong businesswomen. I was already feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable; I had been exposed to raw emotions for days in a room full of survivors of something.

I Will Come To Your Home- Again!
I recently contemplated changing the way I do business.
Although I offer several services, by far my emergency lactation consults keep me the busiest. When a client or her partner has hit a wall with breastfeeding— but does not want to quit, they will seek out a lactation consultant for assistance.
Baby-Led Weaning
As a pediatric nurse, I was trained a very specific way to introduce solids to a baby.
At 4-6 months of age, or whenever developmentally appropriate, offer rice cereal with a spoon to your baby. Then work up to pureed foods, and finally meats (or iron rich foods) at 9 months.
Things have changed!