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Every mother wants the best after the birth of her newborn: the ability to bond with the baby, ease of breastfeeding, emotional stability, and a cohesive family. Since 2015, Maternal Child Connections has been assisting Chicago parents to create bonds that last, one family at a time. Whether a new or seasoned parent, Maternal Child Connections will remain at your side as you learn your new baby’s needs. This is our expertise, and our passion!

Lisa Zimmermann RN, CPN, IBCLC will assist your family with lactation consultations, postpartum doula services, or placenta encapsulation. Each visit from Maternal Child Connections will leave you feeling confident in your ever-changing role as a mother, and your postpartum expert will be available to answer questions as your baby grows.

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula

Your postpartum expert is like the mother, sister, or best friend—she is there to help you with whatever you need. She can help you learn about your baby, your postpartum body, and breastfeeding.

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"I cannot recommend MCC services highly enough! Lisa has been an incredible resource for me and my son as we struggled with breastfeeding. She came to our home as soon as we were discharged from the hospital. We were able to have our first successful feeding with Lisa's guidance and expertise, and dropped formula within 2 days of being home!"   ~ Kate, Roscoe Village

"Lisa is an outstanding resource and I would recommend her to anyone needing a lactation consultant. Lisa came to my house within less than 24 hours,  calmed us all down, and made everyone (me, my baby, my husband, my mom and my sister) feel so much better. Her demeanor and approach were perfect for us. She followed up frequently after the first visit and provided lots of resources. She connected me to other resources who have turned out to be very valuable connections as well. I strongly recommend Lisa. She is a great postpartum resource!" ~ Beth, South Suburbs

“The most helpful part of Lisa's service was the follow ups. She was available by phone and text for weeks and weeks after our session. I don't know any other professional that puts that time and energy into their service. She was not only available, but checked in with me.” ~ Laura, Wicker Park

"Seriously, Lisa saved my breastfeeding relationship with my newborn.  Just when I was on the verge of a breakdown, she swooped in and helped me come up with a troubleshooting plan to jumpstart breastfeeding.  I went from successfully breastfeeding once a day to the recommended 8-12 times/day because Lisa was able to show me proper latch techniques and how to calm baby before feedings. She's warm, patient, and thorough. (Not to mention affordable.) She also makes herself available via text/phone even after the home visit is over. I'll be recommending her to all of my newly pregnant friends!" ~ Theresa, Rogers Park


  • 09/25/2017 -
    7:00pm to 8:30pm

    If you have your own trauma to process, or a traumatic event related to the important work you do, then this group is for you! This is group is also for you if you are experiencing compassion fatigue. 

    We are looking for the following professionals: Lactation Consultants, Doulas, Midwives, OB's, Pediatricians, Nurses, Acupunucturists that specialize in maternal health, Chiropractors that specialize in perinatatal health, Birth Photographers, Infant Sleep Consultants, Infant Mental Health Specialists, Maternal Mental Health Providers, etc.

    We are all doing important work, and this may give us the opportunity to get to know what other professionals encounter in their position. This is not a networking event, but will inherently provide networking opportunities. 

    This event is a pilot event to gauge the need of the birth worker community. Seating is limited to 10 people.

    Link To Event And Tickets

  • 10/11/2017 -
    11:30am to 12:30pm

    Join us in Welcoming Rhonda Lofton, Community Administrator Greater Chicagoland Area CHI AuPair USA. She will be discussing how AuPair services may help your family. 

    Join us to support working moms and moms on maternity leave. Third Monday of the Month. 

    Aligned Modern Health 1741 W. Division  (Free!)
    RSVP: lisa@maternalchildconnect.com

  • 10/16/2017 -
    7:00pm to 8:00pm

    Join us to discuss breastfeeding, infant care, developmental milestones and birth stories.
    Prenatal Fit, 1937 W Diversy  (Free!)
    RSVP: lisa@maternalchildconnect.com